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RE: Requesting builds for the "testing" repository?

Hi Seth!

[ ... ]
> On Wed, 2005-06-15 at 22:13 +0300, Ville Skyttä wrote:
> > How does one request builds to the Extras "testing" repository?
> > 
> > I've updated SDL_mixer to 1.2.6 locally and I'm planning to 
> > commit it 
> > to devel soon.  A FC4 update would be cool too, but I'd be more 
> > comfortable having it sit in testing for a while before 
> > hitting the actual FC4 repo.
> > 
> so two problems -neither of them insurmountable:
> 1. no one has anything like extras-testing in their repos so 
> if you want them to sit in testing that's what they would do, sit.
> 2. we've got no way of requesting that, currently, from the 
> buildsys side of things.
> Anyone have any suggestions on how we do  that?

Why not having a target fcX-tst? Where X can be 1,2,3,4 or course...

Put the RPMs in an extra directory (eg. fcX-extras-testing) and call it repo

>From my view, development actually is something like 'testing' and I think
it's OK to have a base distribution (eg. Fc4) and a development repo... I'm
not really in the need of a 'testing' repo...

A testing repo only makes sense for older distributions (eg. fc1), where the
people normally are not able to use the devel branch of the extras, because
they depend on newer glibc or python or other packages that are system wide
used and therfor would require a more or less major upgrade of the whole

My 2 cent,

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