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New Package: fish

(This is a repost of a mail I sent last week that seems to have been
swallowed by the mail monster. If this mail ends up on the list twice,
I apologise.)

I'm the author of a commandline shell called fish. I though it might
be time to submit it to fedora extras. I do not have access to Fedora
extras CVS, so if this package is to be included, I will need a
sponsor for CVS access.

About the package:

fish, the friendly interactive shell is a shell that is focused on
interactive use, discoverability, and user friendliness. The design
goal of fish is to give the user a rich set of powerful features in a
way that is easy to discover, remember, and use. fish features a
user-friendly and powerful tab-completion, including descriptions of
every completion, tab-completion of strings with wildcards, and many
completions for specific commands. It also features an extensive and
discoverable help system. A special help command gives access to all
the fish documentation in your preferred Web browser. Other features
include syntax highlighting with extensive error checking, support for
the X clipboard, smart terminal handling based on terminfo, an easy to
search, no duplicates history.

There is no known legal issue with this package. fish itself is
released under the GPL, and it includes code released under the BSD
and MIT license.

You can find the src.rpm here:


Thank you for your time.


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