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Re: Request for Review: pan

On Fri, 2005-06-17 at 22:42 +0200, Hans de Goede wrote:

> I ddin't look at it (yet) but what patches did you dropped compared to 
> the fc3 specfile and why?

There are only 3 uncommented patches in the core 3 src.rpm:

Patch7: pan-0.14.0-default-editor-80839.patch
Patch8: pan-0.14.2-gcc34.patch
Patch9: pan-0.14.2-gmime-crash-120007.patch
Patch10: pan-desktop-rh-119909.patch
fc3 src.rpm includes gnet2 tarball inside - I'm using system gnet2-devel
in BuildRequires since it is available in extras already.

Patch7 is included (so default editor is gedit)
Patch8 is for an older version of pan, and isn't needed with the newer
version of pan and the gcc4 patch I stole from gentoo
Patch 9 is for gmime - I should have included it, I missed it (lot of
commented patches)

Patch 10 -
 _Name=Pan Newsreader
 _Comment=Read News from Usenet

upstream has added Encoding=UTF-8
I'm using desktop-file-install for the Categories
I neglected to add StartupNotify - I'll add that.

1.1 will be up shortly with gmime patch and StartupNotify added.
Thanks for making me look again.

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