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Fedora Extras Steering Commitee Minutes, 16 June 2005

Fedora Extras Steering Committee
16 June 2005

Colin Charles
Greg DeKoenigsberg
Jeremy Katz
Jesse Keating
Dams Nade
Enrico Scholtz
Michael Schwendt
Warren Togami
Seth Vidal

Ville Skyttä

Action Items:
* FUDCon2 Meeting.  Greg to set agenda and send out later along with
dial-in information.  Main topics are "what is sponsorship?" and "new
package process"
* New package process.  Dave posted a draft to fedora-extras-list last
night.  Follow-ups requested on the list with further discussion to
continue at FUDCon2
* Sponsor nominations.  Jeremy has a few, to the list for
* PPC box.  Order should be on its way
* Congrats on the Extras "release" coinciding with the release of FC4
* Greg to investigate download metrics for FC4/FE4
* FESCO membership.  Worth revisiting who is on the committee.  Question
of what membership entails, whether it's worth adding
more members, etc.  Added to FUDCon2 agenda for more discussion
* For Legacy to take on FC3 is going to entail them dropping FC1.  Also,
Legacy doesn't currently have resources to handle Extras as well.  Jesse
will work to get an official statement to that effect.  Also questions
about the movement from Core maintained -> Legacy.  Jeremy pushed to
discussion on -maintainers.
* Legacy wiki migration.  Seth gave Jesse a rundown of what's needed for
the ACL work
* Build system status.  dcbw has gotten a lot of stuff working.  Seth is
going to try to get it set up to test some by next week.  mock seems to
be working relatively well.
  * Jeremy to look at some of the SELinux issues
* Working to get some better theming for wiki and fedoraproject.org.
Seth coordinating dfong and sgarrity
* fedoraproject.org wiki was updated last week.  Any residual problems
noticed?  Nope.
* Seth working to perhaps get some new hardware for hosting
fedoraproject.org stuff on.  
* Warren is working with fedoranews.org to get more information
available for the community.

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