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Re: Request for review: NetworkManager-vpnc

On Sat, 2005-06-18 at 14:22 +1000, Mike MacCana wrote:
> Why do we bother shipping s-c-n if the config files it's saving are 
> considered 'legacy'?
> Or are you saying those files will become legacy in a future version?

Legacy is the wrong word here, sorry. Right now NetworkManager doesn't
do half the things the networking scripts do.

> What files does networkmanager use? How can I configure and start/ stop 
> a connection using networkmanager on the command line? The website at 
> (http://people.redhat.com/dcbw/NetworkManager) doesn't have any user 
> documentation whatsoever.

NM isn't really a program that relies on users editing configuration
files (since, uhm, many users can't figure that out). There was an
article in Red Hat Magazine some time ago


that might help explain what it does.


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