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Re: hping2 orphaned? Joining Extras

On Sat, 18 Jun 2005 16:40:34 -0400, Pete Toscano wrote:

> Hello all,
> I've been interested in helping expand extras.  I was looking over the
> orphaned list and noticed that hping2 was on it.  This is a program I
> use from time to time and would be happy to maintain the Fedora Extras
> package.  Miguel Armas is listed as the current owner.  Is he giving up
> maintenance, at sometimes contributer, or something else?  What's my
> next step?  If the package in Extras wasn't already up-to-date, I'd
> guess my next step would be to submit an updated package/spec for
> everyone's inspection, but since it is, what's to be done?

First a bit of background: When initially we filled Fedora Extras CVS with
packages, we transferred all packages from fedora.us and created bugzilla
component entries for them, looking up their package owners' bugzilla
account e-mail addresses. Additionally, with the procedure for getting CVS
access, the fedora.us packagers needed to sign the Fedora Contributor
Licence Agreement (CLA) and send it to Red Hat. A few people did not react
on notifications done via e-mail or bugzilla comments or probably lost
interest in their packages earlier. Others were so nice to declare their
packages as unmaintained.

Now to the details. To take over the package, there are only a few things
to do:

 1) sign up at https://admin.fedora.redhat.com/accounts/

 2) query http://bugzilla.redhat.com for possibly open bug reports
    which call for your attention as package maintainer, and present
    an updated package if necessary (for urgent fixes, it can be
    imported and built quickly by an existing contributor before
    your cvs account would be ready)

 3) state your bugzilla account e-mail address here, so the bugzilla
    component for "hping2" could be transferred to you when your
    cvs account is ready

Depending on how long an unmaintained package has been listed on the
OrphanedPackages page and whether updates are needed, it can be
transferred to a new owner quickly.

Fedora Core release 4 (Stentz) - Linux 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4
loadavg: 1.18 1.10 1.29

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