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JPackage and FC/FE (was: Re: New package: jakarta-commons-cli)

On Fri, 2005-06-17 at 13:29 -0700, Michael A. Peters wrote:

> Wrong list I know - but how committed is Fedora to keeping jpackage.org
> compat?

Based on experience, it looks pretty good.  There are several Red Hat
engineers actively contributing to JPackage.

> Are jpackage packages going to be removed from the jpackage repository
> when they are included in core?

JPackage is split into two categories: distro independent packages (the
"generic" repository) and distro-dependent ones (eg. the "fedora-4"
repository).  The vast majority of packages in JPackage is in the
generic repository, which is not at all limited to Fedora users; it
works on just about any rpm based distribution (not even limited to

So, packages in the "generic" JPackage repository will not be removed if
they're in FC or FE.  On the other hand, IMO it makes no sense to ship
stuff in the JPackage _distro specific_ repos that is already present in
that distro, for example Eclipse for FC4.

> Sure, that would get discovered - but it would mean high maintenance for
> user of jpackage repo file because they would start needing to use
> excludes if they didn't want jpackage stuff replacing core stuff.


> I lurk the jpackage list - and see a lot of fedora people there, is
> there coordination on this so there isn't a duplication?

There is both some coordination and some duplication :)  For up to date
info, I suggest asking on jpackage-discuss; I'm currently sort of taking
time off from JPackage although I do submit something every now and

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