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Re: JPackage and FC/FE

On Sun, 2005-06-19 at 03:57 -0700, Alex Lancaster wrote:
> >>>>> "VS" == Ville Skytt  writes:
> [...]
> [I'll take this to jpackage-discuss if this is too off-topic.]

You are more likely to get up to date/authoritative information there
(and/or on fedora-devel, since this does not affect Extras much if at
all at the moment).

> It appears that that situation has already arisen.  I have both
> generic and FC4 specific in my yum config, and now it wants to upgrade
> jakarta-commons-collections from the core package (3.1-1jpp_4fc) to
> the jpackage one (3.1-2jpp):

Not surprising, most of the FC Java packages are derived from JPackage,
and JPackage tends to move somewhat faster than FC regarding most of the
duplicated packages, at least NEVR comparison wise.

> What should I do in this case?  Should I remove the generic repo?

You won't be able to use anywhere near all of JPackage without the
generic component (IOW, only with packages in FC).

> This would imply that distro-specific packages depend on packages in
> the generic area.  Also if you add the generic area (which has the
> bulk of the packages as pointed out above), you run the risk of
> upgrading a core package, like I have just run into.

I think that risk is usually near zero, as the packages are more or less
identical, with the exception that the JPackage ones are compiled with
Sun's tools versus gcj in FC, and the FC ones have _Xfc or _Xrh appended
to the release tag compared to the baseline JPackage version.

The way I see it, the answer to "what to do" can be best answered by the
FC Java package maintainers who often also take care of the JPackage
ones to some extent.  They know what the intention is, how they take the
JPackage repositories into account on FC, and what kind of problems
should one prepare for when "mixing" the repos, if any.

Personally, I'm happily mixing them, and letting the JPackage ones
override FC wherever it happens.  I haven't noticed any problems, but
then again, I haven't used Java stuff too much lately, and FC4 is less
than week old ATM...

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