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Re: New Package: yumex

On Sun, 2005-06-19 at 09:24 +0200, Tim Lauridsen wrote:
> Tim Lauridsen wrote:
> > Tim Lauridsen wrote:
> >
> >> I'm the author of Yum Extender (aka yumex) a GUI to Yum for fedora 
> >> Core 4, It is
> >> written i Python and build on top of Yum 2.3.x. Many People have 
> >> asked med to
> >> submit it to fedora extras. So here i go.
> >> I do not have access to Fedora extras CVS, so if this package is to be
> >> included, I will need a sponsor for CVS access.
> >>  
> >>
> >
> I fixed the spec file and some other stuff based on the comments , here 
> is a new release:
> http://linux.rasmil.dk/dnl/yumex-0.40-3.src.rpm
> http://linux.rasmil.dk/dnl/yumex.spec

The source tarball has changed, but the name of the source tarball has
[mpeters laptop YUMEX]$ md5sum 2/yumex-0.40.tar.gz 
b1f25681bbf17f76d989cc32eaa2a0d0  2/yumex-0.40.tar.gz
[mpeters laptop YUMEX]$ md5sum 3/yumex-0.40.tar.gz 
4fe02eecea3ccc2e2c66d5cd7fafb968  3/yumex-0.40.tar.gz

Changes to the source should be done as patches if the tarball name is
not going to change.
Since you are the upstream author and you can change the source itself
instead of having rpm use a patch when it builds, it is fine to change
the source - but then be sure to change the version of the tarball. I
noticed the build in the "About" window it says build 02. Perhaps you
could put the build number in the tarball version - ie

// changes made and build 3 released

/usr/bin/yumex is still a full patch symlink to /usr/bin/consolehelper

The following change to the Makefile would fix that:

--- yumex-0.40/Makefile 2005-06-19 00:19:58.000000000 -0700
+++ yumex-0.40.patched/Makefile 2005-06-19 06:38:01.000000000 -0700
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
        install -m644 $(MISCDIR)/yumex.conf.default
        install -m644 $(MISCDIR)/yumex.pam $(DESTDIR)/etc/pam.d/yumex
        install -m644 $(MISCDIR)/yumex.console.app
-       ln -s /usr/bin/consolehelper $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/yumex
+       ln -s consolehelper $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/yumex
        chmod +x $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/yumex/yumex
        install -m644 $(MISCDIR)/yumex.desktop
        for d in $(SUBDIRS); do make DESTDIR=`cd $(DESTDIR); pwd` -C $$d
install; [ $$? = 0 ] || exit 1; done

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