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Re: hping2 orphaned? Joining Extras

On Sun, 2005-06-19 at 01:40 -0400, Pete Toscano wrote:

> I want to be sure I understand where our responsibilities lie as package
> maintainers. 

I would like a wiki page on this.

>  It's our job to take the releases (and possibly useful
> patches too) and bundle them up in RPMs for release in Extras, right?
> If a bug report comes in asking for code fixes or extra features
> (possibly aside from already-existing patches) that don't involve the
> packaging, the it's best to refer the submitter to the program's
> development list, right?  We're not expected to actively participate in
> the program's development (although that wouldn't hurt).  We should be
> monitoring the programs we maintain for new releases and possibly for
> some important patches.  Does this about sum it up?

Pretty much my take. A wiki page though outlining it would be nice.

If it is a bug that causes a failure and the packager knows how to fix
it, I say go ahead and fix it - but PLEASE let upstream know because
they know the code better (hopefully) and may know a better way to fix
it, or may want to include it themselves.

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