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gstreamer plugins and Fedora Extras

Hi Thomas - I've copied the Fedora Extras list on this

Awhile back I submitted a package to Fedora Extras which I called

It uses the modified (patent stuff removed) tarball for gst-plugins that
Fedora uses for the core plugins, and includes the following plugins:


It was submitted before I knew of your active plans to continue
packaging plugins for livna, back when I thought
"gstreamer-plugins-extras" for Fedora Extras and
"gstreamer-plugins-nonfree" for rpm.livna.org was a good idea (which I
don't anymore, your naming structure is better)

The package is here:

Michael Schwendt has just approved the gstreamer-plugins-extras package
that I submitted, but I don't want to upload it to CVS there without
discussing it with you first, since you are both a gstreamer developer
and a packager. I don't want the package to create a conflict that will
have to be resolved in the future.

I do want the package in Extras, particularly the libvisual plugin -
which totem makes nice use of (and I'm hoping one day Rhythmbox will as
well at some point)

I didn't see any conflicts with the gstreamer-plugin-extra package you
had in bugzilla livna for FC2 but I don't know what your plans for FC4
livna are, and the name of this src.rpm (quite by accident) is rather
close to the src.rpm you have in the FC2 livna bugzilla.

Michael Peters

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