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Request for Review: Rekall and dependencies

In this batch of packages for review, we've got xbase, xbsql, and

xbase: XBase compatible database library and tools

XBase is an xbase (i.e. dBase, FoxPro, etc.) compatible C++ class
library originally by Gary Kunkel and others (see the AUTHORS file).

XBase is useful for accessing data in legacy dBase 3 and 4 database
files as well as a general light-weight database engine.  It includes
support for DBF (dBase version 3 and 4) data files, NDX and NTX indexes,
and DBT (dBase version 3 and 4).  It supports file and record locking
under *nix OS's.

SRPM: http://auroralinux.org/people/spot/review/xbase-2.0.0-1.src.rpm
SPEC: http://auroralinux.org/people/spot/review/xbase.spec

xbsql: A SQL wrapper for xbase

XBSQL is a wrapper library which provides an SQL-subset interface to
Xbase DBMS. XBSQL currently supports:
    * create table tabname (column1, .....)
    * drop table tabname
    * insert into tabname values (expr1, ...)
    * insert into tabname (column1, ...) values (expr1, ...)
    * select expr1, ... from table1, ... where condition1, ...
      order by order1, ...
    * update tabname set column1 = expr1, ... where condition1, ...
    * delete from tabname where condition1, ...
XBSQL supports expression names and table aliases, so you can SQL
queries like:
    * select T1.a as Total1, T2.b as Total2 from MyTable T1, MyTable T2
      where T1.x = T2.y
XBSQL also supports single-column .ndx indexes, hence the following
indexes the i and t columns. The library can make use of these indexes
for simple join cases.
    * create table tabname (i integer index, t char(80) index)

SRPM: http://auroralinux.org/people/spot/review/xbsql-0.11-1.src.rpm
SPEC: http://auroralinux.org/people/spot/review/xbsql.spec

rekall: A KDE database front-end application

Rekall is a database front-end, somewhat in the style of MS Access(tm).
However, Rekall is not itself a database, and does not include a
database. By this we mean that data is stored somewhere else in an SQL
server, and Rekall is fundementally just a tool to extract, display
and update that data (of course, it does lots more than that, it does
forms and reports and scripting...). It is database agnostic, and does
not have any preferred database (plugins are available for MySQL and

SRPM: http://auroralinux.org/people/spot/review/rekall-2.2.3-1.src.rpm
SPEC: http://auroralinux.org/people/spot/review/rekall.spec

All three tested on x86 (FC4), x86_64 (FC3), and ppc (FC4).

Thanks in advance,

Tom "spot" Callaway: Red Hat Sales Engineer || GPG Fingerprint: 93054260
Fedora Extras Steering Committee Member (RPM Standards and Practices)
Aurora Linux Project Leader: http://auroralinux.org
Lemurs, llamas, and sparcs, oh my!

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