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Re: New Package: fish

On 6/20/05, Oliver Falk <oliver linux-kernel at> wrote:
> [ ... ]
> > On 6/17/05, Axel Liljencrantz <liljencrantz gmail com> wrote:
> > [...]
> >
> >>You can find the src.rpm here:
> >>
> >>http://roo.no-ip.org/fish/files/1.11.1/fish-1.11.1-1.src.rpm
> >>
> >
> > I hope I will get some feedback on what needs to happen for fish to be
> > included in fedora extras.
> The specfile is missing doxygen as a buildrequire.

True. I've fixed it now.

> For Fedora, I don't think that this is needed:
> # The location of fish has changed, so we update the passwd file to make
> sure everything is consistent
> cat /etc/passwd | sed -e "s/\/usr\/local\/bin\/fish/\/usr\/bin\/fish/"
>  >/etc/fish.tmp
> #Backup old version
> mv /etc/passwd /etc/passwd.rpmsave
> #Replace with new version
> mv /etc/fish.tmp /etc/passwd

It is a bit of a kludge, I admit. But if someone has installed an
older fish package and upgrades to a fish version from the Fedora
repository, fish should not brake the login shell for the users, in my
opinion, so I'd prefer it if that update remained.

If there is a policy that external packages should be ignored or
something like that, I will update the spec file accordingly, but
personally I think it makes sense to make any sane upgrade path work
whenever possible.

> You should check if fish is allready listed in /etc/shells:
> postinstall scriptlet (using /bin/sh):
> echo /usr/bin/fish >>/etc/shells
> Since, a rpm -U --force, or rpm -i --force will list fish twice...

You are of course correct.

I changed it to:

if !grep /usr/bin/fish /etc/fish; then
    echo /usr/bin/fish >>/etc/shells

> Best,
>   Oliver

Thanks you for your comments. This is the first time I've attempted to
package a program, and while I've had some help along the way, I'm
sure I have a lot left to learn.

Aside from the above changes, I've also added

provides: fish xsel mimedb

to the spec file.

The new version is available here:



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