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Re: New Package: x2x

> Just want to make sure I'm reading things right -- please correct me if
> I'm wrong anywhere:
> * To be legal the code must be distributed as GPL.

That's my understanding...and Per has confirmed.

> * If the code is under the new-style BSD we can change the license to
>   GPL when we distribute it.

The new-style BSD seems to be what the license is.

> * The upstream code is not in compliance with the terms of the GPL and
>   upstream authors should be alerted to this issue.

I do not believe this is the case.  Can someone confirm?

> Question: Should we add a GPL Copying file to the package documentation?

Is this absolutely nesicary for each and every GPL'd package?  I nope
not.  :-)

Per, would you care to approve this package?


> -Toshio

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