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Self-Introduction: Dimitri Tarassenko

Hello All,

My name is Dimitri Tarassenko, I live in Suwanee, Georgia, United States
(greater Atlanta area).

I am a Systems Analyst with Advanced Computing Technologies, Inc.,
Duluth, GA.

My Goals and Qualifications:

For the past year I have been working on the PHPRPMS project at
SourceForge.Net (http://phprpms.sf.net), where I provided rarely used
extensions for PHP and some libraries for them in RPM form. My target
platforms are Fedora, RHEL3 and RHEL4, however I would like to move the
Fedora versions to the Fedora Extras, if people decide it is worthwhile.
In general, I would like to work on improving the variety of packages
provided as extensions to PHP, fine-tuning several popular libraries
such as libmcrypt, mhash, freeTDS and others and improving the RPM
building process of PECL packages.

I am also providing RPM packaging of a free/GPL content management
system TYPO3 (www.typo3.org) for RedHat and SuSE (see typo3.mitka.us),
as well as customized tools for TYPO3 framework.

I helped with RPM packaging to several smaller SF projects over the past
1.5-2 years.

Please let me know if there are any questions. If you'd like a quick
answer or want to discuss anything, my ICQ is 16286472, yahoo: m1tk4,
AIM: m1tk4, MSN: m1tk4 hotmail com 

GPG Data:

pub   1024D/2B60B40D 2005-06-20
    Key fingerprint = EC35 8509 739E 8370 0D8F  EDFA 2AA7 F9A0 2B60 B40D
uid                 Dimitri Tarassenko <mitka mitka us>
sub   1024g/9C94A94F 2005-06-20

Thank you!

Dimitri Tarassenko

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