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Re: APPROVED: New Package: yumex

On Mon, 2005-06-20 at 19:34 +0200, Tim Lauridsen wrote:

> I have made the modification, and changed 
> build_v 4 to 4.2
> and 
> Release to 4.2%{?dist}
> there they are:
> http://linux.rasmil.dk/dnl/yumex/yumex.spec
> http://linux.rasmil.dk/dnl/yumex/yumex-0.40-4.2.src.rpm

In the spec file you note that release and build_ver need to be the
Why is that? The release tag only has meaning for rpm, it does not need
to be the same as what is in the tarball.

It seems like it would be extra maintenance to want them to be the same
because you have to update the tarball for minor changes to the spec
file that don't require an entirely new tarball.

release in context of the rpm spec file only has meaning to the rpm
system system, so that it knows how to decide what is a more recent

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