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Thank you for your reply. 

>I'd like to figure out how you got to running this command line >based on
>the UsingCvsFaq page. :) It could never work.

Well when nothing worked, I was trying to look around on the internet
and on the different mailing lists if others had encountered similar
difficulties. Someone in the translators mailing list had a similar
problem and it was recommended as the solution.

>In your particular case, your account hasn't been approved yet.

That is fine. My understanding was that you had to have an account to
access the cvs for the "Extras" modules like fedoraproject.org
website. I just want to look at it work on it and submit for review..

>Moreover, you don't need an account in order to look at things in >CVS.  
>Please use anonymous CVS if all you need is to checkout at this >point (see
>http://cvs.fedora.redhat.com/ for more info).

I had looked at that site and the documentation there but I could not
"download" the fedoraproject.org website (using cvs co project-web)..
So I looked under the /cvs/fedora using Bonsai, I did not find the
site but I could find the fedora redhat (http://fedora.redhat.com)
website. Anyway, I am going to try to look around a bit more tonight.
Hopefully this time I will be able to get somewhere. Thanks a lot for
your reply,

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