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Re: Error processing Fedora accounts e-mail

On Wednesday 22 June 2005 15:26, Ralf Ertzinger wrote:
> Nicolas Mailhot <Nicolas Mailhot laPoste net> wrote:
> > > Agreement". Your message could not be processed.
> > > Reason The signature's username [Nicolas Mailhot (Perso)
> > > <Nicolas Mailhot laposte net>] did not match the e-mail address
> > > on file [nicolas mailhot laposte net] 
> >
> > Err, seems the CLA checker needs to learn canonizing addresses
> > properly :(
> The local part of a mail address is case sensitive. Most mailservers
> do not enforce this, but in theory the two addresses are different.

Hi Ralf,

Quick question: Since common practice is case insensitivity in the local 
part of the address, I'd always assumed that was the norm.  I just 
quickly looked through RFCs 2822 (Internet Message Format) and 821 
(SMTP) and didn't see where either discussed the issue.  Could you 
point me to where it's specified?


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