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Suggestion: Typo3


Typo3 is a well established CMS based on PHP and MySQL with a not very
RPM-friendly installation scheme. (See http://www.typo3.org/) Attached
you find a SPEC file that creates RPM's from the unmodified Typo3
distribution. I would like to add this to the Fedora extras, if
possible. If I understand things right, I'd need a mentor or reviewer.

License issues: The package license is GPL, so that should be fine
Technical issues: Entries in /etc/httpd/conf.d are created using echo.
Should possibly better be done by extracting a patch file or something
similar. I am open to change this, if anyone can advice me how to
access a patch file in the installation stage by referring to the
location in /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES. (Hardcoding that path seems


Jochen Wiedmann

What are the first steps on the moon, compared to your child's?

Attachment: typo3.spec
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