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Re: Suggestion: Typo3


Jochen Wiedmann wrote:

>>If you are interested, the specs and patches are
>>checked into SF CVS at
> Ah, excellent! I knew your binary RPM's, but have been completely
> unable to find a proper SRPM or SPEC file.

What's in CVS is not the final .spec but a set of make/m4 files to
create one. This is because I'm also doing the RPMs for SuSE and there
are some differences between the two (package naming conventions, the
way PHP and Apache configs are organized, etc.).

>>If you are interested, we can do 3.8 together. However, right now I am
>>waiting for a 3.8.1 release that fixes several known issues in
>>TestSite and couple of other important bugs.
> Yes, of course. Would you be able to act as a mentor from the side of
> Fedora Extras, or would we need someone else?

No, we'd still need sponsorship from the Fedora Extras side. I have
applied for CVS access (I was not planning to submit some other packages
I did besides Typo3) but have not received any sponsorships yet. :(

At any rate, I'd propose to wait with the release until 3.8.1 fix
release is out and secure the sponsorships meanwhile.

I am copying this to Michael Stucki who is the head of packaging and
distribution on Typo3 side.



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