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Re: Request for review: Scim-pinyin

On Friday 24 June 2005 19:31, Ryo Dairiki wrote:
> I would be glad if a Chinese speaker (writer?) reviewed this package.
> Honestly speaking, I don't use Chinse...

I think this is the 智能拼音, right?

I have no official capacity here, but I can review from a user 
perspective.  I download the spec and the sources and built the RPM for 
FC-3.  No problems.  Spec looks clean too.

Package works, too.  The above four characters were written by this 

Just some questions that may relate to packaging:

1. Is there a way to default to Traditional Chinese when my 
LC_CTYPE=zh_TW.UTF-8 when using pinyin?

2. Are there better pinyin phrase tables for Traditional Chinese with 
Taiwan in mind?  Simplified completes better because there are more 
phrase matches, etc.  Could these be packaged in with this?



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