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Re: Suggestion: Typo3


>>No, we'd still need sponsorship from the Fedora Extras side. I have
>>applied for CVS access (I was not planning to submit some other packages
>>I did besides Typo3) but have not received any sponsorships yet. :(
> It could be helpful to present your packages prior to expecting
> sponsorship. Potential sponsors may want to take a look at your example
> packages and work with you in case of any issues, i.e. review your
> packaging before deciding whether to sponsor you. So, effectively, the
> reviewing comes first, then the decision whether to sponsor you.

Thanks for clarification, Michael.

We are going to submit Typo3 RPMs for review in July when the 3.8.1
bugfix release is going to be out. We also need to work out some
internal strategy where our RPM behaviour would be similar to what
.deb Typo3 package in Debian does.

I am getting ready to submit some additional PHP packages for review
next week.


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