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Re: Request for review: Scim-pinyin

Answers probably off-topic, but oh well... I'll end here. ;)

On Friday 24 June 2005 23:17, Ryo Dairiki wrote:
> This mail is redirected from Fedora Extras mailing list.
> > I think this is the 智能拼音, right?
> Yes it is.
> Btw, how could you read this?
> I know the meaning from Chinese characters (they are also used in
> Japan), but I can't imagine how you pronunce it.

Pinyin is spelled: Zhi Neng Pin Yin

Funkified pinyin so you know:  Jr Nuhng Peen Yeen
(Jr ==  like Jerk, except take the k off)

> > 2.
> How about scim-chewing?

I think I answered this in response to Jens.  There's lots of IME for 
chinese.  Most should cover both Traditional and Simplified chinese 
since the Pinyin or the Zhuyin is the same for both.  99% of mainland 
chinese only know Pinyin; 99% of Taiwan only know Zhuyin.  I happen to 
fall in the rare 1% that uses Pinyin for Traditional because I type 
fast on a QWERTY layout and my brain thinks in Roman alphabets. ;)


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