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Re: New package: mod_suphp

Andreas Thienemann wrote:

> I'd like to submit mod_suphp as a new package to extras. As I do not have 
> CVS access yet, someone will have to sponsor me.

Built fine on FC4/i386 for me.

Please do not consider this an official sponsorship - I am a newbie and
I don't think I know enough about extras to sponsor somebody.

The reason I am responding is this - I had an interesting and not always
obvious experience with enabling/disabling suphp, although it was not in
RPM but CPanel context.

When you switch to suphp from regular (apache) mode and back, your PHP
applications will experience fatal errors while trying to access the
session files (typically sess_*), since they are created with 600 file
permissions and are owned either by apache or the owner of php file
that's run.

Have you considered solving this problem? One of the ways I can see this
done is modifying php configuration (by adding a file in /etc/php.d)
that would place session files to a different location.

This is not critical since typically normal behaviour of PHP
applications will be restored once the session files expire.



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