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Re: New package: mod_suphp

On Sat, 25 Jun 2005, Dimitri Tarassenko wrote:

> > I'd like to submit mod_suphp as a new package to extras. As I do not have 
> > CVS access yet, someone will have to sponsor me.
> Built fine on FC4/i386 for me.
Glad to hear.
> When you switch to suphp from regular (apache) mode and back, your PHP
> applications will experience fatal errors while trying to access the
> session files (typically sess_*), since they are created with 600 file
> permissions and are owned either by apache or the owner of php file
> that's run.
Correct. That is a problem with any suExec wrapper.

> Have you considered solving this problem?
Honestly no. There are no really useful ways of solving this. We could do 
a bit in a post install script, such as wiping all session files in /tmp.
This is out of the question as a rpm package should never delete files it 
doesn't own.

> One of the ways I can see this done is modifying php configuration (by
> adding a file in /etc/php.d) that would place session files to a
> different location.
That is another solution and it would even comply with above described 
rule about rpm packages.
But introducing such a change is not a good idea either as it breaks 
assumptions the user has about the php configuration. Sessions go into 
/tmp, changing this by installing a package is no good idea.

The only sensible thing would be including a README.RedHat file describing 
potential problems such as this.

Or do you see any other way?


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