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Re: New package: perl-MP3-Tag

On Sat, 2005-06-25 at 16:36 -0700, Chip Turner wrote:

> As for specfile templates... interesting.  It strikes me as a waste of
> time to have templates for packages that can so easily be
> autogenerated in 99% of the cases, though.  What exactly does having a
> template for perl modules provide that a tool like cpanflute2 doesn't?
>  Besides the peculiar whitespace alignment.  Ideally, even for the 1%
> exceptions, it would be better to start from a template properly
> filled out via cpanflute2 with as many details as possible and let the
> author improve from there.

Just to make sure, you have tried launching "emacs
perl-SomeModule.spec" (or the same with xemacs) while fedora-rpmdevtools
is installed?

It auto-fills many fields of the template, and could be pretty easily
improved to fill a few more than currently, such as Source0.

(The reason Source0 is not auto-filled currently is that the
search.cpan.org folks have IIRC discouraged using search.cpan.org as the
download location for CPAN distributions, but working search.cpan.org
tarball URLs are the only ones I know that can be generated from only
knowing the CPAN distribution's name.  I think the discouraging is due
to fear of load issues on their part, OTOH I think we wouldn't be
inflicting a measurable load on search.cpan.org by pointing tarball
download URLs there in spec files.  I think I'll tweak fedora-init.el to
auto-fill that too in the next revision.)

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