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Re: New package: perl-MP3-Tag

On Sat, Jun 25, 2005 at 07:57:59PM -0700, Chip Turner wrote:
> Short of parsing a perl script (Makefile.PL), it isn't really doable
> to figure out the correct BuildRequires. Makefile.PL, which lists
> them, is just a perl script, and the portion that specified the
> requires is just a hash. Unpleasant to parse.

FWIW, I spent some time trying to write a script that would do just
that and produce a fedora.us-style spec a year or so ago.  It works
pretty well, if you are at all interested...


> cpan2rpm does Evil and Nasty things involving munging Makefile.PL and
> actually executing it.

That's more-or-less the approach I took.  The good news is that it
works really well.  :-)  Others have already pointed out that there
are better ways now though.

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