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New Package: konversation

Hi All,

I have packaged konversation  for extras.  i need a sponser for cvs access 
also.  the SRPM can be found at 

the spec file at http://www.ausil.us/packages/konversation.spec

I created one patch for it to remove the blacklisting of gcc4  it is all 
working for me  comments appreciated.

konversation is a  simple and easy to use IRC client for KDE with support for 
strikeout; multi-channel joins; away / unaway messages; ignore list 
functionality; (experimental) support for foreign language characters; 
auto-connect to server; optional timestamps to chat windows; configurable 
background colors and much more

its much nicer the ksirc
Dennis Gilmore  RHCE  
<dennis AT ausil DOT us> http://www.ausil.us

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