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Re: nvidia-glx-1.0.7667-0.lvn.1.3.src.rpm

On 6/26/05, Jochen Schmitt <Jochen herr-schmitt de> wrote:
> 1.) This is the binary only package of NVidia Grapich card
> driver, which doen't fullfill the requirement to get into Fedora
> Extras becouse it is not a free license.
> 2.) You should ge to rpm.livna.org.

I'm pretty sure Neal here is aware of all these things. Since well..
he MODIFIED the existing lvn package to produce this package and has
filed a bug in livna bugzilla and is clearly in communication with the
existing livna packages for this package.   I think he's just making
everyone on this list aware that he's made a 7667 package. He did not
make a request for review. So lets not all jump to conclusions as to
his intentions.

> 3.) This package is out of date, becouse NVidia has released a
> more recent version of the driver.

lists 7667 as the latest and that ftp directory has nothing newer than
7667 as of this writing.
Where did you see a newer version listed?


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