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Re: Approval needed again: Scim-tables

Now I know.
Okay, I'll keep going with Colin's patch and update scim-tables later.


Michael Schwendt wrote:

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005 00:26:13 +0900, Ryo Dairiki wrote:

Hi Jens,
   I've adopted Colin's idea simply because I have no objection about that.
But today I've found this in the document from sourceforge.net.

   *May I use my download manager when downloading files from
   SourceForge.net makes use of a geographically-distributed set of
   download servers for providing files for download. When performing a
   file download, users are now presented with a HTML page, allowing
   them to select the mirror they wish to use in downloading that file.
   Most download managers are not able to handle this arrangement, and
   will instead download the HTML of the mirror selection page. It will
   be necessary to disable your download manager before attempting to
   download files from SourceForge.net.

It seems like direct download is a heavy task for SorceForge.net.
So I would have better put "prdownload" back again.
What do you think, everyone?

Again, as explained before, the dl.sf.net URLs point to mirrors in round-robin fashion (see e.g. "host dl.sf.net") and don't download from the master site.

Further, only very (!) few users download source code from locations
specified in spec files.

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