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Re: New Package: rbldnsd

Michael Fleming wrote:
On Thu, 23 Jun 2005 17:06:49 +0100. Paul Howarth waffled thusly:

rbldnsd is a small and fast DNS daemon which is especially made to serve DNSBL zones. This daemon was inspired by Dan J. Bernstein's rbldns program found in the djbdns package.

rbldnsd is extremely fast - it outperforms both bind and djbdns greatly. It has very small memory footprint.


Package submission for review (src & i386, RPMs, spec, initscript):


I've grabbed the SRPM and had a look...

- Builds in mock (viva minimal dependencies!)
- Clean, correct and readable spec file :-)
- License OK
- Runs fine.
- Uninstalls cleanly.

Could do with a second look:
- Defaults to "on" at runlevels 3 / 4 / 5.
> This could make hosts with BIND / djbdns / my-fave-dnssserver-package
> unhappy if they too want to start automagically and bind 53/* on all
> interfaces.
> Given that the package also has no zones, even dummy ones, I'd disable
> it on all runlevels ("-" instead of "345" in the chkconfig line in
> rbldnsd.init) and make the admin configure it before switching it on.

A fresh install wouldn't have resulted in a listening rbldnsd because the /etc/sysconfig/rbldnsd file supplied doesn't configure any daemons by default, but I've fixed this anyway.

- Change references "/var/lib/rbldns/" to "/var/lib/rbldnsd/" in /etc/

Done. That's what I get for changing the directory name that the upstream package used...

- Where possible pass "-q" to the rbldnsd process on init.

This will cut down the initial console noise when it starts and allow the
boot to continue while the process does it's thing in the background.

This would be especially helpful for large zones. This is again probably
something to toss into the sysconfig file entry AFAICS. Any problems will
log to syslog anyway in cases where it goes pear-shaped.

-q option added to examples in /etc/sysconfig/rbldnsd

The above are the only showstoppers / issues I can see. If you can correct
these I'll cheerfully approve it - I'd like to see something like this
added, it's a very cool tool.

(As an aside, djbdns users who've previously configured that package's
rbldns aren't going to like the chosen user (same username as that
suggested in the DJB docs) but then again if they're capable of jumping
through the hoops of installing djbware they can work around this one :-P)

I did intend to change that user name to rbldnsd but the default hardcoded into the binary is to use "rbldns", so I eventually decided to stick with the upstream decision there. I don't think it'd cause any real harm anyway even if both packages were installed.

Updated package (0.995-3) now available at http://www.city-fan.org/~paul/extras/rbldnsd/

Thanks for the review; any more comments?


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