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Re: New Package: konversation

> Dennis Gilmore wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I have packaged konversation  for extras.  i need a sponser for cvs
>> access
>> also.  the SRPM can be found at
>> http://www.ausil.us/packages/konversation-0.18-1.fc4.src.rpm
>> the spec file at http://www.ausil.us/packages/konversation.spec
> Suggestions:
> 1.  Move make -f admin/Makefile.common to %prep section
> 2.  Because of the 'make -f admin/Makefile.common' you need:
> BuildRequires: autoconf >= 2.53
> BuildRequires: automake17
> 3.  Include
> unset QTDIR || : ; . /etc/profile.d/qt.sh
> at top of %build section.
> 4.  use %config to mark config file(s):
> -%{_datadir}/config.kcfg/konversation.kcfg
> +%config %{_datadir}/config.kcfg/konversation.kcfg
> 5.  %%lang'ify LOCALE bits and HTML docs, I use this handy snippet of
> code (in %install section) in  most of my kde packages:
> ## File lists
> # locale's
> %find_lang %{name} || touch %{name}.lang
> # HTML
> HTML_DIR=$(kde-config --expandvars --install html)
> if [ -d $RPM_BUILD_ROOT$HTML_DIR ]; then
> for lang_dir in $RPM_BUILD_ROOT$HTML_DIR/* ; do
>    lang=$(basename $lang_dir)
>    echo "%lang($lang) %doc $HTML_DIR/$lang/*" >> %{name}.lang
> done
> fi
> Then use (for %files section)
> %files -f %{name}.lang

All done,  thanks for the tips. new SRPM can be found at

quick question on the automake and autoconf build requires is it really
needed?  i built the package by hand  but also in mock  and had sucessful
builds in both.  mock installs the build group  which by the sucessful
build without the build requires  would say that the build system comes
with automake and autoconf and is therefore an implied dependancy.  but im
happy to have them in.


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