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Re: Build Result: libotr on development

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005, Ville Skyttä wrote:

Two ideas which may or may not affect this (see attached patch):

libotr is currently kind of a self-obsoleting package.  It provides a
versioned libotr-toolkit, but obsoletes _all_ versions of
libotr-toolkit, including itself.

I've applied that fix from you. Thanks.

Also, libotr-devel is missing a dependency on libgcrypt-devel.  See
"grep -r '#include' /usr/include/libotr".  This shouldn't affect the
build of gaim-otr which already BuildRequires libgcrypt-devel, but is
the right thing to do anyway.

Okay. I hadn't added it there, because it is already in BuildRequires, which kind of assumes that you need to have libgcrypt-devel. But I guess you are right, if someone makes a package needed libotr headers, they will need the gcrypt headers too, even though they're not building libotr itself.

While at it, I think the docs could be reorganized slightly better
between the main package and -devel.

I've applied that, but left the Protocol in the libotr package where you had moved it to devel. But that's more a political decision, then a pure technical one.

I've requested another build, let's see what happens now.


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