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Re: gstreamer plugins and Fedora Extras

Hi Michael,

> It was submitted before I knew of your active plans to continue
> packaging plugins for livna, back when I thought
> "gstreamer-plugins-extras" for Fedora Extras and
> "gstreamer-plugins-nonfree" for rpm.livna.org was a good idea (which I
> don't anymore, your naming structure is better)

Matthias Saou and I discussed and decided on names we thought were
sensible for packaging GStreamer plugins a long time ago; we wanted to
use the same names to mean the same things since it's already confusing
enough for people :)

At that time (this was before the name "Extras" was decided for fedora's
add-on repos), we decided to:
- have gstreamer-plugins be the same list of plugins FC ships
- use gstreamer-plugins-audio and gstreamer-plugins-video for plugins
that aren't in FC for some reason, but are still ok to ship
- use gstreamer-plugins-extra-audio and gstreamer-plugins-extra-video
and gstreamer-plugins-extra-dvd for the "questionable" stuff.

I would prefer to keep this naming structure completely since we already
agreed on it in the past.

> Michael Schwendt has just approved the gstreamer-plugins-extras package
> that I submitted, but I don't want to upload it to CVS there without
> discussing it with you first, since you are both a gstreamer developer
> and a packager. I don't want the package to create a conflict that will
> have to be resolved in the future.

Thanks for being so kind; yes, I do believe that this would create a
conflict.  I still am a bit confused myself on what the repercussions
are for extras and livna's upgrade policy; now it seems that 3 sets of
source rpms need to be maintained from the
same-versioned-but-not-quite-the-same tarball to produce these packages.

> I do want the package in Extras, particularly the libvisual plugin -
> which totem makes nice use of (and I'm hoping one day Rhythmbox will as
> well at some point)

I agree, I want it in as well.

How should we proceed ? Shall I counterpropose a spec taking the
improvements from your spec file ?

Let me know,

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