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New package: icmpdn


I've written a suite of programs, including an glibc nameswitch module,
to implement RFC 1788 (which describes the ICMP requests for fetching
FQDNs) in Linux.

Getting the FQDN from a host itself is very useful when communicating
with networks that cannot get a DNS delegation for reverse lookups (such
as ADSL/Cable subscribers, possibly with a 6to4 IPv6 tunnel). It's the
only known way to make Kerberos work over these networks, without some
serious hoop jumping with BIND.

More info is available on <http://www.dolda2000.com/~fredrik/icmp-dn/>.

Personally, I don't know much about RPMs and how to build them, but I
got a spec file that seems to be working contributed from a guy named
Oron Peled. Therefore, the spec file and SRPM (as built on a FC2 system,
if it matters) are available here:


I'd very much like to see this included in Extras.

Thanks for your time!

Fredrik Tolf

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