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Re: Request for review: fpc (Freepascal)

Hi Jens,

> Thanks for your perseverence and patience. :)

Well.. I know that this isn't a standard package. Adding a bootstrapped
compiler is not what you do all day... ;)

I've applied your suggestions.

> The fpc-src subpackage seems rather heavy, considering that
> the source is also in the srpm.  Do you think there is some way
> to avoid it, or can the examples be excluded from the packaging?

I've asked the maintainer of the installer for one of the packages that
needs those sources what he really needs. He told me that only the rtl,
fcl and package sources are needed. I also stripped the windows and
motorola 68000 extra packages.

Spec file:

Now I only need a sponsor. If you find the package ok, would you like to
add it to the cvs already?

  Joost van der Sluis

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