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Re: Request for Review: hdf5 (was Re: hfd5 license)

Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:
Orion, I've got absolutely no problem with you becoming the maintainer
for this package. Its been sitting complete in my directory of "done,
but unsubmitted" packages for some time now, and since there seems to be
interest in it without szip, here it is:

SPEC: http://www.auroralinux.org/people/spot/review/hdf5.spec

I can't really review this (since its my spec). :) If Orion doesn't want
to own it for some reason, I will.

I'm happy to own it, but I'm not quite there yet access wise. I just put in my application for CVS access. I suppose I still need a sponsor. Not quite sure as I haven't heard back from anyone after my CVS application.

I'll check out the package tomorrow. Looks very close to what I have. Main difference is that I build hdf5, libhdf5, and libhdf5-devel packages. I like this format as it separates the binaries and libraries, but don't know if there is fedora policy on this.

- Orion

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