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Moving sale! Packages for grabs!

Hey all,

I'm moving from Vermont to California in the middle of July.  I don't
have a house or job lined up yet so my internet access is going to be a
little spotty until that's worked out.  In case that doesn't happen for
a while, I'm letting people know I have packages that could either use a
new or interim maintainer.  I'm not officially orphaning them as I'll be
able to work on them when I'm settled if no one else is interested.

I am maintaining these packages in Extras:

- gnome-common
- qa-assistant
- gnotime
  + qof
- python-docutils
If anyone's interested in maintaining, you're welcome to pick them up.
gnotime/qof is rather labor intensive as upstream is pretty busy with
other projects.  The others haven't required much work.  In all cases,
the update cycle of upstream has been pretty slow.
In addition, I've been watching the commits for these as I approved
them.  The package maintainers seem to be pretty on the ball, though :-)

- quilt
- gourmet
  + pyRTF


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