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Re: New package: istanbul

	Quick comments:

  - See sabayon.spec for some foo to require a specific python ABI
    version and figure out the path for site-packages:


    I think its in the packaging guidelines.

  - You should own the site-packages/istanbul/ dir

  - Instead of re-autogen-ing for the patch, you could consider 
    including a diff of the autogened files. It could turn out to be 
    pretty ugly, but sometimes I've found it to work out better than 
    doing it at buildtime.

  - Otherwise you need to BuildRequire: autoconf automake

  - I doubt the BuildRequires: libtool is correct

  - update-desktop-database isn't needed unless you've got MimeType=foo 

  - should desktop-file-install the .desktop file and BuildRequire: 

  - Do you need to call ldconfig ?


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