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APPROVED: NetworkManager-vpnc


So Jeremy gave the go-ahead last week but I wanted to fix a few issues
with the upstream package (Dan Williams and I are the upstream
maintainers for this package). The spec-file is pretty much the same as
the one reviewed the except that it now supports installation of an icon
for the appropriate MIME-type. 

I'll import this in to package CVS tomorrow when I'll get my Extras
account sorted out. Until then the SRPM is here


along with the dependency not already in Core (the new upstream package
depends, due to a few API changes, on a new version of NetworkManager
that will hit Fedora Core Development tomorrow).



This package contains software for integrating the vpnc VPN software
with NetworkManager and the GNOME desktop. 

Reviewer: Jeremy Katz
Packager: David Zeuthen

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