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Re: clamd handicraft work

Kai Raven wrote:

i have installed clamav & clamd successfully under FC4 from Extras but i don't
like the whole procedure the user must execute as mentioned in the Readme
(copy this, make this, symlink to, chmod... and so on) to run "a individual
Why not a default installation with the individual "clamd.fedora" instance - because it is a clam(d) installation for Fedora - and full "automatism" for
all required steps? If somebody wants a different service name, it is enough to
explain in the Readme where to change the service name.

I used to agree with this sentiment, until Enrico explained to me that different users of clamd are able to mess with data of other system users if you rely on a single daemon. Err... something like this, I don't remember exactly what the issue was.

What we need instead are clamav-something packages containing the /etc/rc.d/init.rd/ files, prepared for different specific uses of clamd. It will be easy for others to do after someone creates the first as an example.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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