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Re: clamd handicraft work

kairaven arcor de (Kai Raven) writes:

> i have installed clamav & clamd successfully under FC4 from Extras but i don't
> like the whole procedure the user must execute as mentioned in the Readme
> (copy this, make this, symlink to, chmod... and so on) to run "a individual
> clamd-instance".

For what do you need a clamd-instance? The 'clamd' daemon is only useful
for special services (e.g. amavisd, mimedefang) and there can not exist
a single clamd instance which fits for all these services. Users do not
need the daemon overall; 'clamscan' works without it also.

For full information, I suggest to read the corresponding tickets on
fedora.us's bugzilla. Most of the design decisions of the clamav package
are explained there.



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