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Re: clamd handicraft work

Hi Enrico,

On Thu, 30 Jun 2005 11:35:24 +0200 you wrote:

> For what do you need a clamd-instance? The 'clamd' daemon is only useful
> for special services (e.g. amavisd, mimedefang) and there can not exist
> a single clamd instance which fits for all these services. Users do not
> need the daemon overall; 'clamscan' works without it also.

That is not the point and not the question.
It is popular to answer with "Why do you need..." and the answer to that
question is "because i want".
But because you asked:
I want to use & i'm using clamd as a filter together with getmail as in

I have used Dag's clam packages before the extras packages and there was never a
need to make all the steps as in the readme to get clamd running.
Imo it is better, if all is in the right place in the beginning so every user
can start immediately. I have no problem with the extras "design" of clam, but
perhaps other users.

> For full information, I suggest to read the corresponding tickets on
> fedora.us's bugzilla. Most of the design decisions of the clamav package
> are explained there.

OK, thx.


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