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Re: Review needed

On Thu, 2005-06-30 at 16:01 +0200, Andreas Thienemann wrote:
> > This whole package-submission process is getting an overhaul (will go to a
> > database-driven system), so hopefully this situation where someone puts in a
> > lot of work and it gets ignored won't happen much in the future....
> Well. I've been ignored for the third time now.
The db system will improve tracking but can't solve the underlying
isues.  Look at bugzilla.fedora.us's QA queue.  There's tracking of new
packages but there's a definite backlog.  The problem is mainly
manpower.  Volunteers are reviewing packages.  If the package isn't one
anyone is interested in using, no one reviews it.

> Somehow it's a bit strange that the package where I missed binary only 
> shit gets several responses in a few minutes and the other ones don't get 
> a response in more than a week.

It's much easier to confirm problems than to confirm proper functioning.
Especially on software that changes user identity, reviewers will want
to be extra cautious when looking at the package.  Unfortunately this
can also mean that no one feels they know enough about the software to
do a competent review.

There are a few ways to get forward progress on your pet projects:
1) Work out with someone to review their projects in return for them
reviewing your projects.

2) Work on other packages that other committers would find useful in
order to gain trust and get commit access yourself.  Then #1 works
better as you can both approve the others' packages.

3) Keep repackaging your package for new versions.  Compare it to other
similar modules and update on your own to take into account the
differences they have.  Keep mailing the list with all the updates.
Showing commitment to maintaining the package is important.  (Especially
when security updates could be important to the package).


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