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Re: Review needed

On Thu, 30 Jun 2005, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:

> There are a few ways to get forward progress on your pet projects:
> 1) Work out with someone to review their projects in return for them
> reviewing your projects.
I'd gladly do so, if I were certain that my knowledge of the packaging 
guidelines is firm enough to comment on other people's work.
e.g. Tom spottet some problems with my package I didn't notice. It's very 
likely that I might have missed similar problems on other people's rpms.

So 1) works only if you are pretty proficient with the guidelines and the 
other guy is too.
> 3) Keep repackaging your package for new versions.  Compare it to other
> similar modules and update on your own to take into account the
> differences they have.  Keep mailing the list with all the updates.
> Showing commitment to maintaining the package is important.  (Especially
> when security updates could be important to the package).
That works in the long term.

I think your suggestions are fine, and they do work. However, I feel they 
do not necessarily apply to my situation.

Anyway, that package is fine. So now I'm waiting for the review of 
barcode. :-)


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