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RE: Build system - what is it working on right now?

Seth Vidal wrote:
> > > dcbw - he's a person - dan williams who has been doing 
> > > some neat and 
> > > kickass work on buildsystem code for fedora extras.
> > 
> > This means, you trust Dan's code more than your own!? :-P
> > 
> > Jost kidin'...
> > 
> no it means the code I had in place was a first iteration. It 
> gets the job done but it needs to be better and more 
> expansive and as in most rapid prototyping you throw the 
> first one away.
> Dan has had more time and the benefit of the experience we've 
> had from the existing system. 
> Do I admit that the code Dan has written is programmatically 
> more attractive and better than mine. Abso-frelling-lutely. 
> Does this mean I suck? No.

Oh, Seth. I was just jokin'!!! I know you did a great job and really
appreciate it! So, if you got me wrong, sorry and I'd like to say - I guess
for everyone hagin' around on the mlist - thanks a lot! And remember: You
don't suck! :-)

Sure, I also wrote a buildsys for me and my devels and I had 2 or 3
prototypes that I throwed away, after they worked, because I saw problems of
all kinds - I guess we experienced similar problems...


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