ipython anyone?

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Mar 1 18:46:42 UTC 2005

>All right, will do.  I have built an ipython package that should more
>closely conform to the Fedora guidelines than the "official" one at:
>That should be a good start.  If no one else wants to keep packaging
>AbiWord and Gnumeric, I'd be more than happy to maintain them as it
>would be a shame to see them disappear from Fedora altogether (and I
>happen to like both of them a lot more than OO.org ;-P)

two things I don't like in your spec file:

1. %doc %{_datadir}/blahblah - typically you don't mark files as docs
after they're in the doc dir - you mark them as docs and that causes
them to appear there. You're short circuiting part of what doc does.

2. is %doc really a good idea for man pages?


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