Python packages for QA

seth vidal skvidal at
Wed Mar 2 07:54:09 UTC 2005

>There is a good case for changing the name of the python-simpletal
>package to python-SimpleTAL, but all of the above packages are named
>based on the actual python module name (i.e. the name you would import
>in python to access the module), rather than strictly following the
>upstream source name.

I think, if importing python-SimpleTAL would be: import SimpleTAL then
we should follow the perl semantic for modules in the naming guidelines.
The perl semantic is to maintain case.

>Both Durus and TPG provide executables along with the python modules; in
>the Durus case, there is a decent argument for putting that into a
>separate package.

Can it run separately of the python module?
is there really any point in having them separate?

Once you get cvs commit access follow this faq for getting approval on
packages and committing them.


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