seth vidal skvidal at
Wed Mar 2 08:43:20 UTC 2005

>Last time I tried non RH rpms (from freshrpms and others) was a long 
>time ago I think in the RH 7.x days, they were horrible most specfiles 
>just did a make, make install and then drop everything in the rpm, all 
>files in /usr/local were quite normal for example. This might be a long 
>time ago but this has made me wary of non RH rpms, was a very 
>welcome change for me.

hmm, it's been a while for me - but I seem remember matthias' packages
at freshrpms for 7.x not sucking at all.

>I think it would be great to have freshrpms/rpmforge as a superset of fc 
>+ extras + livna, I would like in this case for freshrpms to only have 
>new packages and not replace existing ones, or at least provide the 
>option to select a subset of all the packages containing only packages 
>not in fc + extras + livna, just like had stable and testing.

that's really up to matthias, dag and friends. 

>Anyways I wonder now that there is an "official" fedora extras if and 
>how rpmforge is trying to cooparate / coordinate with extras to avoid 
>duplicate work.

well, so far, the folks who work on rpmforge are helping out with the
Packaging Guidelines that Tom 'Spot' Callaway is working on for fedora
extras/core. This is cool.

Matthias Saou is packaging things for Fedora Extras and helping folks
out with specfile/package QA.

That's what I know of for the moment. I figure that counts for collaboration.

>If rpmforge/freshrpms is willing to host for example a vice rpm that 
>would be great and I might be willing to create and maintain some other 
>emulator rpms for freshrpms too, but first I must feel / be okay with 
>freshrpms, it would be realy hypocrit to not be enthousiastic, yet still 
>contribute because I'm enthousiastic about emulators.

Again, you'll have to ask them, though this list is probably not the
best place for asking that.

>I'm not saying rpmforge should change, maybe I should, but some more 
>coorparatiob between the extras and rpmforge might be nice.

I think there's a fair bit of cooperation, now. More isn't bad, though.


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