Package maintainer for python-numeric

D Sievers dsievers at
Wed Mar 2 21:08:06 UTC 2005

Hello all,

My name is Doug Sievers, and I would like to volunteer to maintain some 
extras packages, and hopefully add some packages down the line. I am a 
bit of a newbie on packaging, but I am willing to learn and ready to serve.

Bugzilla e-mail address:
dsievers at

Currently orphaned packages I would like to maintain:

Packages I may maintain that are on the "To be removed from FC4" list

Packages I would like to add eventually, if all checks out
python-numarray [1] - variant to python-numeric, which may both merge/be 
incorporated in python
matplotlib [2] - plotting library for python, with backends to Tkinter, 
GTK and wxPython


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